How brokers can help: commercial and asset finance

If you’re looking to finance your business, a broker can help you find and secure commercial and asset finance options.

Your broker will also be able to leverage their network of lending institutions to find you the right funding from the start. Many brokers have a deep understanding of the commercial sector and the wide range of products available.

Using a mortgage broker means you have a variety of lending options at your fingertips.

Managing cash flow

Managing your cash flow is an important part of running a business. You might be invoice discounting. This is where you access a proportion of your debtors’ unpaid invoices through the lender. Or maybe you’re invoice factoring, where the lender takes responsibility for chasing your business’s debts. Either way, your mortgage broker can help you find a solution that works for you.

Finding the right deal

If your business is involved in manufacturing, you’ll need the right equipment and the best financial arrangement in order to remain competitive. This is something your broker can help facilitate.

Taking advantage of flexible options

If you have a variety of financial needs, it can be hard to choose the right lender for each part of your business. But the solution may be to use different lenders for different assets. For example, a business may need a special type of mortgage for its plant and equipment (known as a chattel mortgage), but a finance lease for other assets.

Your broker has the ability to compare different commercial and asset finance products with multiple lending facilities to help find what’s right for you.

Investing in your business’s opportunities

A broker’s understanding of the commercial sector and the wide range of products available means they can help you identify and secure commercial and asset funding in order to grow your business.

Your broker can be a one-stop-shop for your financing needs.


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